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PONSARTIUM selects for you highly qualified professors teaching in renowned conservatories, in France and abroad, in universities, superior poles…
Teachers reserve the right to assess the level of each student and to accept or refuse in his class.

Honoré BEJIN


It is the inestimable privilege of the pianist to be able to imitate or suggest all the others… The piano is an orchestra in itself, conducive to the expression of feelings.


Collaborativ pianist

I accompany many candidates on the stage of international opera competitions. The conductor helps to express one’s potential in the service of the repertoires.


Lyrical singing

A great advantage of being a singer is being able to use the same instrument to go through the 10 centuries of written music we have at our disposal, so I take advantage of that!

Jean-François ROUCHON

Lyrical singing

Doctor of Music – Specialist in French melody and Lieder.
Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Regional Conservatory of Cergy-Pontoise.

Mayako ITO


Chorister of the Grand Théâtre de Genève, several times awarded – gives pronunciation courses specifically for foreigners (phonetics, language movement, etc).

Catherine JACQUET


My artistic approach is eclectic, performing all repertoires from the 17th to the 21st century. I specialise in 20th and 21st century music, as well as the interpretation of 19th century music.

Philippe LE FEVRE

Choral conducting

We will work together so that your musical thoughts can be best expressed through a gesture that is in keeping with the style and spirit of each composer.



Anja Linder is one of the most charismatic and popular harpists of her generation, thanks to the expressiveness of her playing, her personality and her exceptional career.


Lyrical singing / Italian coach

Singing and vocal technique teacher, specialised in Italian opera and belcanto repertoire.
Italian and French language coach, specialising in non-Italian and French speaking singers.