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Philippe LE FEVRE

Conductor and choirmaster


Conductor and choirmaster, Philippe Le Fèvre has directed, since its creation, the Capriccio Français, an orchestra on ancient instruments, with which he has performed more than sixty different productions representing several hundred concerts to date. With Capriccio Français, he has worked with all forms of music, from intimate performances to opera productions, oratorios, cantatas, symphonies and concertos, with a predilection for the 18th century repertoire.

In addition to his activity as a conductor, Philippe Le Fèvre attaches great importance to pedagogy and transmission: he teaches choral conducting at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Cergy and in one of the Paris conservatories.
He is also the musical director of the summer academy of Capriccio Français, an international academy held in Barcelona in collaboration with several European partners.

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It was always with this goal of transmission in mind that he accepted to be the artistic and pedagogical director of the French Institute of Choral Art for several years: he worked on the training of choir conductors (curricula, evaluations, certifications) and on the creation of international networks for choir conductors.

It is on the basis of this work that today, within the framework of his teaching at Cergy-Pontoise, he collaborates with two colleagues, professors of choral conducting in Barcelona and Saarbrücken, to offer their students web-masterclasses which they lead in turn.

Cours en ligne

99 €

One of the aims of the conductor’s training is to develop inner listening and to find ways of expressing it to the choir or orchestra. The online course is an excellent tool to develop these skills: the conductor can only rely on his gesture to transmit his thoughts and the stylistic accuracy of his interpretation. I propose to accompany you on this journey.

Cours présentiel

137 €

I can give a face-to-face lesson to a student who wishes to do so and/or come and watch him/her work with the choir he/she is conducting.
I teach in either French or English.

If you don’t see any slots available, contact, we’ll be sure to get back to you to offer some.